I'm Benjamin. I'm living in Barcelona, Spain.
I do a lot of different things.

If you want to get in touch with me you can email me or find me on Linkedin, GitHub.


I went to University of Gothenburg for a degree in Informatics.

I am currently employed as a Systems Engineer at NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

My daily life work consists of DevOps work managing GNU/Linux servers and stacks of web applications. Some of the daily technologies I work with are F5 Bigip, nginx, varnish, apache, tomcat/jboss/etc, haproxy, docker, mesos/marathon, kubernetes, and everything else you expect from a modern linux stack. I also enjoy trying out new technologies, learning new programming languages, and hacking things in general.

Today I do most of my hacking in Go and Python and occasionally other languages when best fitted.


I am a Fujista who loves photography. When I have the time I enjoy taking my camera on my shoulder for long walks in the city or nature. You can find some samples at 500px.


I play piano on my Yamaha P95 and there is not a day I live without music, either playing or listening.